Celebrity inspired-Fashion trends from 90’s

Heylo friends,

This time I decided to do a celebrity inspired look. And when it comes to trends and fashion, I was quiet clear which celebrity I wanted to dedicate my this inspiration look post.
If you are a fan of 90’s fashion, then Β I am sure you are a fan of Rachel green too πŸ™‚.. I still watch my favorite show and her outfits still inspire me…
She made 90’s fashion all about mini skirts, checks, business suits, denims, crop tops, turtle necks, black tights, overalls and much more. And all of this is back again in trend.
I am crushing on not only her outfits but alsoΒ her haircut.
So in this post, my outfits are inspired by some of the famous outfit trends rocked by Rachel green in Friends series.

1. Denim overalls: Denim overall is still a thing. It totally gives you a street style chic look plus it is a comfort wear.
Below is my look inspired by Rachel green’s denim overall look:
PicMonkey Collagec1.jpg





I do like the look with an over sized jacket, but I think it looks better without the jacket. What do you think?


2. That formal waist coat look: I tried this look from this still pic of friends. Rachel is wearing a formal waist coat over a black sleevless or strapless dress or a top and trouser (I believe). This outfit looks formal as well as casual at the same time.


PicMonkey Collagec2.jpg




3. This Back to school Rachel’s look is one of my favorite look with plaid skirt, crop top and knee high stockings. I did not find the exact color match in my wardrobe though but because this is not a recreated look but an inspired look, I did not hold back in dressing up in that back to school outfit.
PicMonkey Collagec3.jpg


PicMonkey Collagec5.jpg







4. Rachel green rocked her denim jackets and waist coats throughout the season, but this denim jacket on a black dress look is one of my favorite. Denim jackets always look great with a black top or dress and makes you look super cute.

PicMonkey Collagec6.jpg



5. Last but not the least, Rachel greens office going outfit is something I am crushing on right now. Black formal skirt and striped shirt is a perfect go to office outfit anyday.

PicMonkey Collagec7.jpg




So which look do you like the most??? Β πŸ™‚ Tell me in the comments below…

Also let me know if you would like to see more of her inspired looks or any other celebrity inspired looks…


Takecare πŸ™‚


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      1. The Gerald ( Jerry ) Sto#mki&s8217;s family, as cousins, send our deepest sympathies and condolences to John and Andy and their families. Throughout our. entire lives we have had the outmost resect for the entire Kay family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. We will never forget Uncle Chet and Eleanor, with their warm hearts and home.They will forever be in our memories.Jerry –


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