Fashion blocked!!!

Hi Peeps!!!

This season’s one of the biggest trend is color blocking. But color blocking your outfits is not an easy task.. It looks good only when you color block the right colors, otherwise it might make you look like a clown :)..

So here is my post about color blocking…

Color blocking in the world of fashion is basically wearing contrast solid  colors which compliments each-other in an outfit and gives your outfit a pleasant transition. What colors to choose, which color would compliment the other color and what would look good in an outfit can be easily decided by matching your solid outfit colors on a color wheel.


There are also some rules you can use while color blocking your outfit to be on a safer side.

  1. Use any neutral color like Grey, Black, White or Beige as one of the color while color blocking your outfit to make it easy.
  2. Do not wear too many colors at once to avoid looking like a clown :). Avoid using more than 3 colors for color blocking your outfit.
  3. Avoid using heavy prints and  patterns as it might take away the limelight from your solid colors but any light subtle pattern is fine

You can still go ahead and experiment with different solid colors to create a fun and appealing color blocked look.

Checkout below, How  I played with colors:

  1. In my 1st look, I tried color blocking using black as a neutral color.             Wore blue maxi skirt with a black top and black blazer. Paired up my look with a black sleek belt.




2. In my 2nd look, I tried colors adjacent to each other in a color wheel. This kind of color blocking is called Analogous color blocking. For this kind of color blocking you can use one bright color and the other could be a softer hue.





If you are in doubt and not very confident about color blocking your outfit, you can use accessories like belt or a purse or jewellery to color block.


You can use your shoes to colorblock



3. In my 3rd look, I tried color blocking with 2 bright and opposite colors on the color wheel. This kind of color blocking is known as complimentary color blocking and is usually bright. But you can also choose lighter shades opposite to each to give your outfit a subdued look.






4. In my 4th look, I tried 2 adjacent tertiary colors (Blazer and top) and one opposite color (Yellow skirt). This kind of color blocking is known as Split complimentary color blocking and is generally better to use when using 3 or more colors for color blocking.

split complimentary2.jpg




Which color block style do you like the most???

Which is your favorite color combination for color blocking??

Let me know in the comments below…

Takecare 🙂

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