New Purchase – Skin and Hair care!!!

Hello People,

Its summer time in India and I am not a summer person. I mean yeah we can wear those short easy breezy dresses in this season unlike winters but what about skin and hair? I hate it when my skin gets oily or tanned and when my hair feels dry 😦 .

It is so very important to take care of your skin and hair in this really hot summer season. So I thought of spending a little on some good products for my skin and my hair. And because its too hot outside, I wanted to order these products online. So, I ordered few products from Nykaa as I love this site and purchase almost all my beauty products from them. And yayyy I recieved 2 of my products today. So, Just thought of sharing about my purchase in this post.

  1. I purchased this ‘THE FACE SHOP’  Face mask with Goji Berry extract.                            We need to take special care of our face skin in summers. Only applying sunscreen is not enough. There is more to your summer skin regimen than sunscreen. It should include exfoliation, toning, moisturizing and using face-masks. Face masks not only cleanses our skin from dirt but also removes tan and hydrates your skin. I chose this Goji berry face mask because I believe berries are good for skin as they have antioxidants and also I got it just for Rs.100 from Nykaa 🙂 . So, this is such a pocket friendly investment and you can buy it from HERE.



2. My 2nd purchase is this Hair serum from Streax for my hair care.                                   Summer heat damages our hair and makes it frizzy and dry. So, it is really important to use a good serum after washing our hair. Serum not only improves the hair texture and makes it frizz free but also gives it a shine and removes dryness. You should definitely invest in a good hair serum this summer. I ordered this ‘Streax PRO hair serum Vita Gloss’ for just Rs.167. You can buy it from HERE.





I have not used these products yet and will review them after the use 🙂

Apart from these 2 products, I have also ordered 1 night cream and  a charcoal face pack. I will share about those products once I receive them.

What’s your skin and hair regimen for this summer?

Going to try these products?

Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Summer!!!!

TakeCare 🙂







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