Ways to wear your Brooch Pin set

Hi People,

When we talk about statement Jewellery which has been in trend since long now, we can think only about neckpieces or earings and when we talk about accessories, generally we think about belts,watches, bags. But I think the coolest accessory and also the jewellery to our clothes that most of us would miss is a brooch pin set. Yes people, brooch pint sets are so in vogue since 2015 and continues to stay in trend. The best part about brooch pins are that they can make your simple looking outfit look chic.

Sometimes it do happens that we do not feel like finding a stylish piece in our wardrobe and end up wearing a simple pair of jeans and a tee, though the occasion might demand something cooler than just a pair of jeans and a tee. It happens a lot with me, so I fix it using a set of brooch pins with my outfit and I am good to go. It adds that glam to your whole look. Brooch pins are such versatile accessories which can be worn in so many ways and not just on your clothes. So, I got my pair of brooch pins from Koovs. They have these exclusive designs of metal brooch pins. You can buy these pins from HERE.

In this post, I will show you how to wear your brooch pins in 3 ways to make your outfit look super glam.

  1. For the love of chokers:  I pinned my brooch pins on my black plain lace choker and my simple choker turned into a statement choker with these super cute pins. This is one of the most innovative and trendy ways to put on your brooch pins.

Outfit details:                                                                                                                               Black Bodysuit: FOREVER 21                                                                                                               Brooch pin set: Koovs






2. Denim Jacket-brooch duo: Wearing brooch pins on denim jacket is the safest way to put these pins on without looking weird. I wore my pin set on my jackets extended collar. You can also put it on the back side of your jacket.





3.  Patch or Brooch: I wore these brooch pins on my black top and made them look like patches. This looks super cool if you have got lots and lots of brooch pins. I just had a set of 5, so this is how I used it with my plain top.




Also you can put on your brooches on your pair of jeans, your Cap, your scarf and a lot more.

I am definitely going to experiment a lot with my brooch pins. If you have not brought your pair of brooches, give it a try this season.

Did you like the look?? Going to try these cool brooch pins??

Let me know in the comments below.


Takecare 🙂







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