A Skirt or a Top or a Corset

Hi Guys,

Mini skirts are fashion staples and has been in trend since long now. From bodycon mini skirts to pleated mini skirts, no matter which skirt you wear, it is going to make you look super stylish and classy.

Generally, mini skirts will be worn with a cool tee or a shirt and that is obvious because its a skirt. But what if we can wear our skirt not just like a skirt??? 🙂

We all love doubling our wardrobe and we would definitely love an outfit if we can wear it in different ways like its a new one every-time we step out in it. So, in this post I am going to show you how to wear your bodycon mini skirt in 3 different ways.

  1. In my first look, I wore my skirt with a sleeveless top (which is not a top but a bodycon midi) and paired up my look with a bow.

Outfit details:  

Top and Skirt: Forever21

Shoes: Koovs








2. In my 2nd look, I wore my bodycon mini skirt as a strapless bodycon top. Paired it up with my High waist mom jeans and a black oversized blazer. I am crushing on this super cool heart cutout mom jeans from Koovs currently and you can buy it from HERE. Also this pair of jeans is on sale, so grab it before your size runs out.  🙂

Outfit details:

Blazer: Van Heusen

Jeans: Koovs











3. In my 3rd look, I wore this bodycon mini skirt as a corset on top of my shirt, paired up with a ripped faux leather leggings. Corsets can taper your loose fitting top or shirts and a bodycon mini skirt is a perfect way to do so, which gives your outfit a chic and sleek look.






Which look do you like the most??? How do you wear your mini skirt???

Let me know in the comments below.


Takecare 🙂






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