Some shopping tips + Mid-season sale haul + Shopping favorites

Hey Guys,

I am so excited while  writing this post because one of the favorite times from the year is here… MID-SEASON SALE!!!! 😀 .. I get so excited during this time as almost all my favorite brands are hosting their mid season sale and yes I did shop a lot.

When the sale is going on and you see lots of outfits, it gets so confusing on what to buy, how to buy and what to leave behind, and in this confusion we end up buying things that we never had in our mind and would leave things we always wanted to buy. So, in this post I am going to share some of my tips about how I choose what to buy when I am on a shopping Go. I will also talk about some of my favorites from my latest sale shopping.

  1. List First: If you are a fashion lover, you would know already whats trending in fashion, whats out of fashion and whats new in fashion. So, before going for your shopping spree, first things first, make a list in your mobile, of the trend you would want to buy. Like any cold shoulder top you had in your mind or a faux fabric jacket or  patch denims or a kimono or a bomber jacket or a skirt , anything which is in trend and also on your mind.
  2. Colors are important: We all have those colors in mind, that we always wanted in our wardrobe. So decide your colors and shop. Like If I wanted to buy a black skirt or a white ripped shorts or  neon tank top or white sneakers, I would search for these colors first.
  3. Ask yourself: If you are buying something just because its on sale, do ask yourself if you would wear it and would love it while wearing it. Do not just spend on outfits that you would not wear or would think twice before wearing it outside. Save that money and you can spend it on your cosmetics :)..
  4. Stop when tired: Shopped till you dropped? Please stop shopping after dropping. :).. Yes, this is true .. we never buy good things when we are tired. But the greed of buying outfits on sale forces us all to keep shopping even after we are tired. Make sure you stop shopping and take a break at a coffee shop 😉 … Or if you are done with all the items from your shopping list.. head home.

Now talking about some of my favorites from my mid season sale shopping. I had this blue and white stripes top in my mind for long now because I have been seeing these shirts/tops everywhere. I love the fact that how versatile are these tops and you can wear it like anywhere from office to a date or to a casual party. You can pair it with anything from skirt to trousers or denims or shorts. It looks super cool with white sneakers.

2nd thing I had on my shopping list was Black denim A-line mini skirt. I already knew from where would I get it.. and I went straight to Forever 21 store and bought this super stylish black denim button front skirt which was on a sale of-course. I had my eyes on these skirts since long as I always loved them on Rachel Green. And I have it in my wardrobe. I think you should definitely invest in one of these.

3rd thing that I bought was a denim jacket with patches. If you are a keen fashion observer, you must have observed that patches are taking over fashion. I mean you buy a pair of jeans or shirt or jacket or shoes, you will see patch pattern everywhere. And the best part about this is, it looks super cool and trendy.

And last but not the least, I ordered these white pair of sneakers. Sneakers are so comfy and looks good with almost all kind of outfits.

And this is how I styled all my favorites together..

Outfit details:

Top: Westside – Shop it from Westside store (Could not find it online)

Skirt: Forever21- Shop it HERE

Sunglasses: Forever21- Shop it HERE

Patch Denim jacket: Lifestyle – Shop it HERE

White sneakers: Street Style Store – Shop it HERE















Whats your shopping wishlist?

Let me know in the comments below

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