Steal clothes from your man’s closet

Hey Guys,

No matter how many clothes we ladies have in our closet, we are still entitled with the thought of not having enough clothes ever. Many times, it happens that we actually want something new which is not from our closet but something different, more experimental and comfy. The fool proof solution to satisfying your “something different” craving is right in-front of you.. – Your husbands/boyfriends closet.

Borrowing something from your boyfriends or husbands or brother’s closet is something every fashionista has been talking about. But it gets tricky when you are not sure of what to wear from a man’s closet. Yes, their clothes are baggy and super casual and choosing a wrong kind of outfit might even make you look like a loose cloth on a hanger. But most of the times, if you steal an outfit from their closet and pair it up with a perfect accessory,could actually make you look adorable and so chic.

Now, talking about what to steal from a man’s closet… You can either borrow a Tshirt and can wear it as a t-shirt dress or a shirt and can wear it as a shirt dress or can even use it for layering. But because these clothes have become too mainstream, I wanted to choose something really different and chic form my hubby’s closet.

So, while I was busy choosing an outfit to snuggle down from my hubby’s closet, I dashed into this super cool blazer. Blazers are something which would always look cool no matter how you wear them and when you wear them. But styling up your husband’s blazer, how would you deal with extremely loose fitted, long blazer?


Here, in this blog post, I am going to show you, how I styled my man’s blazer and wore it like a  TRENCH COAT….

Trench coats are new in outerwear this Fall and everybody from celebrities to fashion designers are loving this trend. Trench coat is suppose to be long and little loose and chic. So, using your man’s blazer as a trench coat is one of the best ways to look super chic and also comfortable at the same time.

I used a wide belt on my waist to give blazer a shape as it was really loose. Paired up my complete look with DIY thigh high boots.

Checkout the complete look here.






So, this is how you can use your hubby’s or boyfriends closet and make it look drool worthy… 🙂

Did you like this look?

Also, let me know if you would want me to do a blog on how to style a man’s shirt or a t-shirt.

Let me know in the comments below.

Takecare 🙂





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