BBlunt Hair products review

Hey Guys,

Who doesn’t love voluminous and shiny hair. But in this season it is a struggle to keep your hair happy and healthy. Like our skin, our hair also needs fixing to make them feel healthier.

Recently, BBlunt launched new hair products – Dry shampoo and a hair serum, and I got my hands on them (Thanks to BBlunt for sending me these products).

So, I have been using these products on my hair for around 2 weeks and I must say, I not only love using them but also could feel the difference in my hair. We all have those  bad hair days when you have either dry and dull hair or greasy and non bouncy hair. BBlunt have got all kind of fixes for you. The super cool dry shampoo which would make your hair non-greasy and voluminous, and hair serum which is a must for soft, silky and shiny hair.

I am going to review these 2 products from BBlunt in this post based on my experienc.

  1. Dry shampoo: BBlunt launched these 2 dry shampoos ‘Beach please’ and ‘Spring Fling’. I got my hands on Spring Fling back to life dry shampoo and I used it for around 2  week. For a person like me who is just too lazy to wash hair after every 2-3 days and is always on a go with no time inhands, dry shampoo is a savior. It not only makes your hair non-greasy but also adds volume to your hair and makes it feel fresh. ‘Spring Fling – back to life’ dry shampoo from BBlunt exactly does what is claims, it  removes oil from my scalp, gives my hair volume and makes them smell so good like I just washed my hair. I use it whenever I style my hair as I have got thin hair strand, so it helps add volume to my hair. Below are the Pros and cons of using ‘Spring fling’ back to life dry shampoo from BBLUNT.


  • Absorbs excess of oil from the scalp and makes it non greasy.
  • Gives a good volume to your hair and makes it easy to style your hair.
  • Saves time when u have a sudden plan but no time in hands to wash your hair.
  • Gives your hair a fruity smell making it fresh
  • Easy to apply with a spray nozzel.
  • Handy and easy to carry in your purse
  • Doesn’t leave white residue in your hair after use.
  • Super dry and no liquid.

Cons: Contain chemicals, so use it only when required.


How to Apply: It is really easy to apply this awesome dry-shampoo, just shake the bottle well and keep it about few inches away from your scalp,  spray it and leave it for around 2 minutes. Brush it off and tada you have bouncy non-greasy fresh hair.


2. Hair serum: This is my recent favorite product from BBlunt. It has got everything good like Avocado, jojoba oil, Argan oil and Vitamin E. It is specially made for Indian hair.This hair serum not only makes my hair shiny and frizz free but also gives it heat protection. You can always apply it whenever you are about to style your hair. It provides instant shine and gives a boost of nourishment to your hair. I have been using it almost daily and can actually feel the difference in my hair texture.


  • It has got all the essentials like jojoba, Vit E and avocado which makes your hair healthy.
  • Provides Heat protection to your hair.
  • Comes in a cute handy bottle that you can carry in your purse.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Provides instant shine to your hair
  • Makes your hair frizz free after a wash.

Cons: None

How to Apply:  You can apply it any time of the day on dry hair. If you wash your hair, make sure your hair are towel-dried before apply coin size amount of this serum to the mid-length of your hair.

You can purchase both of these products from

Dry shampoo: Rs 550/-

Hair serum: Rs 450/-





I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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TakeCare 🙂



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