Formal wear outfit ideas | Layering White Shirt|

In this age of comfortable casual, wearing a formal attire sounds little boring but is a must . People everywhere still need to know how to dress themselves appropriately in social situations that call for more than jeans and a polo.

Formal wear for me is something that gives you confidence to walk in to your work area and make through those boring work days easily. When it comes to formal outfit, I prefer layering my outfit with something formal and something casual to make it wearable in office. Ofcourse formal wear doesn’t have to be boring every single time.

Talking about layering and formals, the most humble piece in our wardrobe is a White shirt which is a fashion staple and can be layered up in different ways.  White shirt for me is a complete game changer. It can make your any dress look formal and not so boring at the same time. I am so into playful layering of my White shirt for my work wear, I thought making a lookbook about the same.

In this post, I am going to drop some light on how I layer my staple button down White shirt with 3 different outfits to make it look formal and chic.

Creating a perfect look by taking advantage of a White shirt is pretty easy, as White goes with almost all the colors and every print.

  1. Go Monochrome:  Monochrome always looks best as a formal wear combination. In my 1st look, I layered up my White shirt with a Black Pinafore dress. And to give it a bit more formal vibes, I wore a monochrome bow too. I usually wear this pinafore dress with a casual t-shirt or printed top. But I love wearing it to work when paired up with my White shirt.



2. Dress over shirt: I love wearing my one piece dresses over shirt. Dresses becomes more versatile as you can wear them in just more than one way. In my 2nd look, I paired up my Red bodycon midi with my White shirt to give it a formal look.



3. Brighten up with bold jacket: Best way to wear bright colors to office is to pair it up with something neutral . White looks great with bright colors and nothing clashes with a White shirt. In my 3rd look, I threw this Parrot Green embroidered jacket over my White shirt and paired it up with a maroon skirt.




A great wardrobe begins with great basics. An ideal work wear wardrobe should definitely include a White shirt. So next time you think of wearing a boring trouser to the work place, just try layering a White shirt with something casual in your wardrobe.

If you like these looks do let me know in the comments section below.


Also these amazing pictures were clicked by @flinkphotos







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