Hi!!!… I am Sonam. Yes I started my career as a Software engineer but I always had this Passion to do something related to Fashion . I am adored by my friends and family for my personal style- be it my outfit or my accessories, which inspired me to start something where I can share my idea of fashion.

This Blog for me is a platform where I can be my creative self and can express my views –  be it sharing something not so trendy but still pulling it off in  style  to something which is in trend and a lot more. This blog is going be a blast of all kind of Fashion experiments from weirdest of style ideas to Latest trends in Fashion.

I am here not only to share my personal style but also to help my readers develop their own personal style.You will find my posts related to street style, how to style a single outfit in multiple ways, Inspirational looks, My wishlist, Fusion wear, DIY posts and many more.

Thank You dear reader for stopping by and reading about my blog.

You can also write to me for any kind of free style consultation.

Write to me on Thefashiondryrun@gmail.com

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